Dancing robot
Dancing robot

One of the best ways to relax and relieve stress is to put on some music and have a dance!

But dancing can be boring when you’re by yourself…here is where LEGO can be helpful! 

Look at the links given in the right side in this lesson and see, can you build yourself an awesome robot? Do you know how? 


LEGO Breakdancing Robot

In this project, you will make a breakdancing robot buddy who will dance along with you to all your favourite songs! 

We will be using the LEGO Spike Prime Kit for this resource. 

You will learning about Scratch and how to code your robot how to dance. You will learn how to connect your robot with Scratch app and how to sync your robot to do the commands you need. 

In the end, you can build whatever kind of a robot to do exactly what you need! Sky is your limit, so be creative and make it fun. Look at the videos in this lesson (on the right side) and see what else can be built with Spike Prime Kit!


1. Group discussion.

Discuss the questions below with your friends:

  • Have you ever worked with LEGO robots? 

  • Have you ever put together a Spike Prime robot and programmed it?

  • Have you got any idea, how LEGO robots and LEGO parts can be used?

2. Look at the links given in Resources and start thinking about what you could build and how. 

3. Make a list of the positive things with constructing with LEGO Spike Prime and about coding in Scratch. You can use both facts and opinions from the links and videos but ofcourse your own thoughts. 

4. Compare your list with your friends.

5. Visit the LEGO Education webpage  and try to build your breakdancing robot with the instructions given there. 

6. See document (LEGO Breakdancing robot) in resources for step by step instructions on how to build and code your robot.

Look at the videos and read from the additional materials. Think about how robots make our lives more fun and interesting? 

After you have put together (use the pdf fail), played and programmed the dancing robot, think what else can you build?



  • Now you know how to sync up the hub
  • Experiment with different timings to make your robot dance in fun ways!
  • Use code to change the output of a device!

Next steps:

  • This is a good start for your own robot creation.
  • Build and program a new robot and share it. Make it a competition with friends, to make it more exciting.

Congratulations! You have completed the project.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to build a robot
  • Learn how the robot works, what does the motor do
  • Learn how to programme a robot
  • Leran thinking, logic and mathematical skills
  • Learn how to use syncing and how the robot will react