Many professions, such as surgeons, require you to have a steady hand. One way people can practice this by playing with the wire buzz machines. 

This game can be kind of complicated and challenging but competitive and fun at the same time. You need soft skills, technical skill and also good motoric skills. All of these aspect are help you to be excellent in this game. 

Why buzz wire game? As said before, this game will help you to develop great soft and motoric skills to later on be for example the best candidate for a job or a better person overall. Read more about these aspects in the link (Top 7 soft skills for developers) given in this lesson on the right side. 


A hospital has asked you to create a wire loop game to help train their junior doctors in their focus and ability to keep their hands steady!

In this lesson, you will be dealing with Raspberry Pi and Scratch - how to combine and code with them? Do you remember what is Raspberry Pi? If you need, you can go trough the steps in Level 1 - Raspberry Pi to remind youself with it or go through any tutorial videos (an example) to remind yourself how to code in Scratch. 

In this lesson you will also learn how to build something on your own. Make sure you follow the steps and get what you need to build yourself an awesome buzz wire game. Of course you can make a bigger and more craftier version from the given one in this lesson. Sky is your limit!

Be prepared to get some obstacles in this lessons, since coding a buzz wire game can be tricky and many old but also new skills are needed. This is why coding from an early age in necessary - to build your knowledge and trigger your mind! Look at this article for why you should code from an early age.


1. Group discussion.

Discuss the questions below with your friends:

Think about this game! What is the first thing you think of, when you hear "buzz wire game".

  • Look behind the game construction, do you think playing this game is useful for children and people?
  • Do you think that it helps advancing motoric skills? 
  • Do you think it helps to ease some stress?
  • Is it something which may make you compatible?

2. Look at the links given in Resources and start thinking about what you could build and how. You can use both facts and opinions from the links and videos but of course your own thoughts (ideas what projects can you do with Raspberry Pi).

3. Make a list of the positive things about Raspberry Pi and about coding in Scratch. Compare your list with your friends. 

4. Look at page 6 at the "Level 1 - Buzz wire.pdf" to see if you have everything you need for this lesson (on the right side of this lesson).

5. Starting from page 8, go through the steps to get your devices linked and connected and then from the page 14 (Step 7), build your wire game. Good luck!

Look at the videos and read from the additional materials. If you have created your game, make a competition with your friends and teacher. 



  • You should know the basic steps to take to connect Raspberry Pi and Scratch
  • You should now have the knowledge how to wire a circuit and write a program to control the circuit
  • You should have the idea behind how to add a button or a sound to your device.
  • You should now know how to build a simple wire game. 

Next steps:

  • Make a game more advanced. Share it with your classmates.
  • Make a project using Raspeberry Pi.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to wire a simple circuit.
  • Write a program to control the circuit.
  • Use a buzzer with a Raspberry Pi and Scratch.
  • Use a button to sound a buzzer.