What is robotics? 

Robotics is a branch of AI and computer science which is composed of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and programming.

Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

What kind of robots do you know of? How many are there in your home? Do you know how to become a roboticist? Look at this article to get an idea of essential skills any roboticist should have. 


In this lesson you will get to know many important facts about: 

  • Why robotics? - this article will tell you why!
  • The advantages of robotics - look at this website and see what could a student be involved in from early age, dealing with robots and coding. 
  • The future is robotics - AI and manufacturing and more? Look at the Manufacturing 4 Schools website and see, where robotics has evolved into and how helpful and useful it is to learn it at school.

With your classmates, discuss on the ways how you can evolve as person and upgrade your skills, while learning robotics and coding a robot. Use the document (Robotics for soft skills) in this lesson resource (on the right side), to get you some ideas. 


Examples of Robotics

In this lesson, think about how robots are affecting our lives. 

There are different things to explore, for example VR, artificial intelligence, robothands, robots in manufacturing and many more.

In this lesson you will learn about robots and dissferent possibilities there are to interact with them.

Think about:

  • do you know what kind of things in your home are robots?
  • do you know how they work?
  • have you ever seen inside of a robot?
  • who is making them?
  • how robots can help us now and what kind of changes will there be in the future?
  • can robots make our lives easier or are there any negative sides?

Look at the videos in this lesson to get an idea what is robotics, where is it used, how is it used and how it is helping people. 

Go through the Level 1 - Introduction to Robotics.pdf to get you started on the discussion (Lesson Resources on the right side). Look for more information online and make list why robots should exist or why are they good for now or in the future. Would they have been useful inthe past?

With your classmates and teacher, try to make a list of different ways ot use robots, also think about why robot are useful and how.

Double Amputee Is First To Control Two Robotic Arms Simultaneously



The Future is Robotics!

Where is robotics going? 

  • You should now have the basic information of why robotics, why is it good for and where it is used and for whom.
  • You should now be able to discuss the future of robotics and give examples on how it can still evolve.
  • Also, you should now have the knowledge, what kind of soft skills dealing with robots can develop and what are they useful for. 

The robotics industry is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. Estimates suggest that the sector could be worth as much as $260 billion by 2030.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what robotics is
  • Understanding the impact of robotics in our everyday lives
  • Explore the future applications of robotics