Code a Calendar System
Code a Calendar System
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A typical family has lots of different events to remember. A child’s sports event, a big birthday, a religious holiday or even days off school. With so many big days, it can be impossible to remember when they all are!

This programme will enable the user to see how much longer they have to wait for a big event by telling them the number of days left before the event occurs.


Python-built calendar
Python-built calendar
School of Coding - Cair4Youth

Your task is to create a code in python, using the Tkinter module and external file handling to build a programme that countdowns to big events, and displays the number of days left until each event to the user.

Source code has been supplied within the documents along with the necessary instructions for this task. 


Your code should…

  • Allow the user to enter important dates into a text file. 
  • Output the number of days until each event by using python’s Tkinter and datetime modules.

The following links have been provided to help you on this task:

  1. Python CALENDAR Tutorial with Example
  2. How to Use Python's Calendar Module
  3. Python | Calendar Module
  4. Python Datetime Tutorial: Manipulate Times, Dates, and Time Spans

The Documents attached are:

  1. The Countdown Calendar Source Code
  2. Countdown Calendar Instructions Document

Videos look at:

  1. How to import datetime
  2. Different methods of calendar examples
  3. Python Calendar module for beginners 



Congratulation on completing Level 3 - Family Calendar

links to evryday life calendar

With your newly acquired knowledge, you will be able to look at everyday things differently. An example will be next time you get a reminder come through to you that provides a countdown to events and the number of days remaining for that event, then you will be able to identify how that was developed. 

Learning Objectives

  • You should be able to use the canvas widget in Tkinter in python to create a basic GUI interface.
  • You should be confident in external file handling in reading from text files, that you have created using IDLE.
  • You should also be confident in the use of intermediate python skills such as subroutines, for loops and lists.