Python Coding
Python Coding
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Using the instructions for the Python chatbot document you will learn how to create subroutines that can be reused throughout a programme and understand how basic AI uses IF statements to respond to potential inputs.


Source Code
Source Code
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Using the python source code provided (See document attachment) complete the tasks below:

  • Design an intelligent programme that can have a conversation with the user.
  • These types of programmes are often called ChatBots.




  • Have your chatbot ask questions and allow the user to answer.
  • Store the user’s answers in variables.
  • Have your chatbot make decisions based on what the user enters into the program.
  • Expand and experiment with ways to make your chatbot more intelligent.

Links have been supplied for you to help understand Python more including:

  1. Python Wikipedia - Python defined
  2. What Is Python Used For? A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Python: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know
  4. Examples of chatbots currently you can engage with online

The 2 documents include:

  1. The source code needed for the task
  2. Instructions on how to carry out the task

2 Videos have also been provided which cover:

  1. An alternative way to build a chatbot in Python in 15 minutes
  2. Create an A.I. chatbot using Python| Python Tutorial | J.A.R.V.I.S. |Jarvis-Python




Congratulations on completing level 3 - Python-Bot

With your newly acquired knowledge, you will be able to look at everyday things differently. An example will be next time you look at your favourite websites, you will be able to identify that it uses AI to not only function but interact with yourself! Chatbots are a prime example of how AI works, so why not try and engage with one!? 

As you have now completed both Level 2 Chat bot and now Level 3 Python Bot you should have a broader understanding of how they work so next time you are online and use one you should have a better understanding of how they are programmed. Why not try and engage with one from link 4 and see if you can understand how it was put together.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create subroutines that can be reused throughout a programme.
  • Call subroutines.
  • Understand how basic AI uses IF statements to respond to potential inputs.
  • Customise your chatbot and make it your own!