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Using the instructions from the chatbot document you will be able to have your ChatBot respond to user input and make decisions.


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Using the template provided (See page 9 in the chatbot instructions document) complete the tasks below:

  • Design an intelligent programme that can have a conversation with the user
  • These types of programmes are often called ChatBots 
  • Learn about how chatbots work and how they function. 





  • Have your chatbot ask questions and allow the user to answer
  • Store the user’s answers in variables
  • Have your chatbot make decisions based on what the user enters into the program
  • Change the appearance of your chatbot depending on their mood

Links have been provided including:

  1. Scratch - The platform you will be using
  2. Scratch Wikipedia - Learn about the platform! 
  3. Chatbot Wikipedia - Learn all about chatbots
  4.  Young and depressed? Try Woebot! The rise of mental health chatbots in the US - An article relating to the use of chatbots to help young people dealing with mental health and depression.

The purpose of the last link is to help identify the benefits of using chatbots for the better. 

A document detailing instructions for this task has been supplied for you to follow. 

Videos provided are to offer insight and demos for how to create a chatbot and even an Alexa version of a chatbot!



Congratulations on completing Level 2 - Scratch: Chatbot

links to evryday life Chatbot

By learning how to code on Scratch you should have the fundamentals to go on and do different things from the task you have learned. You can now code a chatbot to respond to certain things such as a name, values and even decisions. The information you have acquired in doing this should be sufficient for you to now create a mini-game of your own so why not try and put this info to good use and practice by creating a chatbot to respond to questions completely created by yourself? Why not stage a pretend job interview scenario were dependant on what you want the chatbot to say either guarantees a successful outcome or a negative outcome!

Learning Objectives

  • Write code that gets information from the user and stores the answer in a variable
  • Have your ChatBot respond to user input and make decisions
  • Customise your ChatBot and experiment with costumes, sounds and backdrops
  • Have an understanding of the functionality of a chatbot