Looking after a pet is a great responsibility. It teaches about taking care of not only yourself but another living creature which can prove quite difficult. 


So why not start with your very own screen pet?!


Your task is to create a screen pet in python using turtle graphics to demonstrate the importance of properly looking after another creature.

You will also learn about the history of virtual pets and have a discussion regardin virual pets, AI and feelings.


Group discussion: Virtual pets and feelings 

Start by watching the video Virtual pets and the video about the google engineer that claim that their AI has real feelings or read the article from bbc news about the engineer. 
If you need more information about the history of virtual pets you can also watch the video The evolution of virtual pets.

Devide into small groups with 2-4 people in every group. Choose a couple of the qustions below to discuss in the group:

Do you think that you could get attached to a virtual pet? Why or why not?
In some countries they use robot pets in eldery care and retirement homes. What is your thoughts about that?
Do you think that AI could develope real feelings? In that case, what would that mean regarding the AIs rights?
Is there a danger to AI developing feelings or could it be a good thing?

Present your discussion to the other groups.

Make your own Virtual pet using python.
Your code should…  

  • Allow the user to create the shape of a basic pet and allow them to modify the shapes in the programme to create a different animal.
  • Use Tkinter to configure a canvas and change the colour of the different shapes used in the construction of an animal.

Follow the step by step instructions that you can find under Documents in resources. 



Congratualtions you have completed programming ypur screen pet! You can use this project as a stepping stone by experimenting and designing new graphics for any occasion!

Learning Objectives

  • You should be able to use different colours from the python library.
  • You should be confident in using Tkinter to draw shapes and make a simple face.