Paint is one of the earliest forms of art that humans developed almost 40,000 years ago, if not older.

Over the centuries paint has changed from cave drawings to renaissance art and now to digital art forums dotted all over the internet.

In this module, you will enable to create a painting with scratch.


  • Today your task is to create a paint program with scratch, in which we can change the colours of the pencil and erase parts of the design.
  • This lesson will show that it is possible to create works of art with scratch program.



Focus Group :  Do you think coding is useful in art? Do you know creative coding ?

Each participant can use sticky note to write and share their ideas on a flipchart.

Read the article "Creative coding" and "crypto art " as a basis for the discussion.

Show the video in resources "Young digital artists are shaking up the art world in the NFT".

Code your own paint program in scratch:

Your code should…

  • Let the user change the colour of the pencil depending on what colour they choose from the selection and also erase if they choose the button on the bottom.
  • As soon as the space bar is clicked,  the whole screen should erase leaving a blank board.

Follow the step by step instructions that you can find under documents in resources. 

You can also use the other video and the other articles that you can find in resources to further develop the topic.



Now, you are able to create a paint programme with scratch!
You will be able to create several paintings with coding.
You are able to explain to young people that coding is also important in the artistic area.
In deed, young people can urderstand that coding is present in many areas like art. Art and coding are compatible and inseparable nowadays and especially in generative art . Generattive art is a relatively new, in which the artist-programmer realizes a vision or idea by defining parameters and commands. But making generative art is, in many ways, just like painting or classical fine art.
If you have more time, you can watch the last video in resources " the project Mr kalia " developed by Google Creative Lab, which is another example where artists toward code as a new canvas for creating and displaying their work.

Next step :
Practice, Practice and Practice!
Continue to learn about coding with scratch. You can test the other modules to feel more comfortable with scratch.



Learning Objectives

  • You should be able to learn how to control the sprite with the mouse
  • You should be able to learn how to switch colours and erase on command
  • You should be able to switch the direction of the sprite, based on the commands given