• The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its biodiversity and thousands of rivers.
  • Unfortunately, deforestation means much of the Amazon is being destroyed!

This lesson will show that coding with scratch will allow to sensitize the young people on an important environmental problem in the world like the deforestation in Amazonia and climate change.


  • Games can be a great way of raising awareness about important issues and helping others to preserve the world that we live in!
  • You have been tasked with making a Jungle Racer Game, a two-player racer game! Have Fun!



Focus group : Do you think that coding can be a great way of raising awareness about important issues and helping others to preserve the world that we live in?

You can use some sticky note to help participant to give their point of view and share them together.

Read the article "The Impact of Sustainable Coding in Combating Climate ..." as a basis for the discussion.

You can also use  video  that you can find in resources to illustrate that coding can be useful to help   the other to preserve the planet.

Code your own Jungle Racer Game with scratch :

Your code should

  • Have two-player sprites that can be moved around the screen
  • A scrolling screen
  • The ability for players to collect gems
  • A timer and other mechanics that allows for players to compete!

Follow the step by step instructions that you can find under Documents in resources. 




Great job, you have created your own *Jungle Racer Game with scratch.

You are able to explain to young people that coding could be useful  to find solutions to protect the planet and face the climate challenges.

In deed, young people can urderstand that coding is useful  to help climate change. Coding can create games like "Jungle Racer" and but also other interactive content that teaches people about environmental issues.

Coding can develop systems for monitoring and regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Coding can create systems for tracking and managing resources. Coding can develop process for waste management.If you have time you can watch the video about "smart waste management monitoring" in resources to show that coding can waste collection in cities.

  Next step :

Practice, Practice and Practice!

Continue to learn about coding with scratch. You can test the other modules to  feel more confortable with scratch.

Learning Objectives

  • You should be able to Create a two-player game and program mechanics for multiple sprites
  • You should be able to Consider The Amazon Rainforest and its importance on a global scale to yourself and others around you