Stories are an integral part of everyone's life, whether that is bedtime stories as a child, fantasy novels as a teen or even a comedy book as an adult, everyone needs that creative space to explore.

In a world full of technology it is vital to ensure that creativity is still used to the best of its ability and even further.

Look at the links given in the right side in this lesson and you can learn how you can code an animation for a bedtime story.


Today, we are going to code the animation for the classic bedtime story ‘The Princess and The Pea’.

Make sure you’re looking carefully because you will be creating your own story at the end with scratch!

At the end, you can code whatever kind animation for a bedtime story and develop your creativity.


 Introduction : 

Group discussion : Do you think technology limits creativity? Why? Do you think that coding could be useful for young children/teenagers ?

1/ Read the article "the importance of bedtime story for children as a basis for discussion

2 / Each participant can write his  idea on a post -it and share it with others .

Watch the video of the creative storytelling with conditions and about " reading, writing and computing"to understand why it could be important for children learning coding .You can also start another discussion between participants.

Now, you have to code your own the animation for the classic bedtime story ‘The Princess and The Pea’.

Throughout the project, you should……….

  • Look at the different effects used in this story,
  • The other sprites are done for you, however, you need to add functionality to the Princess sprite for the story to truly come to life.

Follow the step by step instructions document that you can find under documents in resources.




 Congratulation, now you have created your own bedtime story and  you can understand the impact of coding in children's life !

You understand  that coding and creativity development are not incompatible.

You will be able  to explain why coding could be important in children's life.


Next step:

Continue to practice scratch and you will become more and more comfortable with basic coding. You can also watch the link's video on the right-hand side.

Learning Objectives

  • You should be able to to control the movements of sprites
  • You should be able to switch backgrounds and sprites depending on the scene
  • You should be able to use different effects on the different text sprites