Music is a universal gift and its power to connect people is without question. It is an art form with human interaction at its centre, creating cohesion between people, even when words can fail.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything... Without music, life would be an error.



Your task is to use different sprites in Scratch to create a scratch band that you can use to create music! The sound library in scratch will allow you to customise the sound of each of your instruments.



 Introduction :

Focus Group : Do you think coding is useful to make music?

You can use sticky notes to share the different ideas of the participants.

Read the article "Programming (music)" as a basis for the discussion. You can also use the other articles in resources if you want other examples.

You can also show the video "Reason Beatmaking Masterclass with Justen Williams" .

Code your own a band with scratch

Your code should…

  • Allow the user to play a sound when each of the instruments is clicked.

This is what your code should end up looking and sounding like!

Follow the step by step instructions that you can find under Documents in resources. 

If you have time you can also show the other videos to illustrate that coding is useful to produce music.



 Congratulation, now you are  able to create your own  band  with scratch.

You are able to understand the importance of coding in music production and will be able to explain it to young people.

In deed, young people can urderstand that coding is useful in many fields like a simple area like music. Many young people listen to music or dream of a career in music, so this module should be interesting for them.

 If you have more time, you can watch the last video " computer science is changing everything" to show that coding is present in daily life.

Next step :

Practice, Practice and Practice!

Continue to learn about coding with scratch. You can test the other modules to  feel more confortable with scratch.

Learning Objectives

  • You should now be able to add sound to different sprites
  • You should be confident in using scratch’s built-in libraries
  • You should be able to explore what scratch has to offer when combined with your own creativity.