What is coding?

Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers.

Code tells a computer what actions to take and writing code is like creating a set of instructions.

Indeed, coding is present everywhere in everyday life in the most basic gestures, for example when you go shopping with automatic checkouts.

Coding jobs are also an important source of employment. So it can be useful to have some knowledge about it.


Understand the importance of coding in the world
Understand the importance of knowing and understanding coding for your personal and professional life


Introduction :

Focus group : What is coding for you? Do you use coding in your daily life?

Read the article "7 Benefits of Learning How to Code - FDM Group" as a basis for the discussionRead the article "When Computers make art" as a basis for the discussion.

Use some sticky note to collect the different ideas.

At the end of the exercise, you can read the coding definition in the resources.


Understand what is coding :

Follow the step by step instructions that you can find under Documents in resources

You can show also videos in resources to explain that coding is very important and useful in your daily life.



Congratulation, you have completed this module and you are able to understand that learning coding will be very important for young people in future.

Now you can test game application with scratch or python on this platform. Have Fun!

Learning Objectives

  • you should be able to understand what coding is.
  • you should be able to understand the impact of code in our everyday lives.
  • you should be able to Explore the future applications of code.