• When we consider the applications of coding, video games is often what we think of first.
  • Learning to make video games is an amazing way to not only improve your coding skills, but to be creative and have fun!


Pong was the first commercially successful video game, and helped to establish the videogame industry!

Our task today is to make a 2-player pong game in Scratch, which you can customise and make your own!

You will also explore the pros and cons of videogames.


1. Group discussion.

Discuss the questions below with your friends:

  • Can videogames be bad for you? Why? 
  • Can videogames be good for you? Why?

2. Read the article from bbc and and watch the video of Stanley Pierre-Louis, President and CEO of Entertainment Software Association talking about Why videogames are good for kids. You find them in Resources.

3. Make a list of the positive things with playing videogames. You can use both facts and opinions from the articles and your own thoughts. 

4. Compare your list with your friends.

5. Visit the webpage and try out the original game. 

6. See document in resources for step by step instructions on how to code your own pong game.



You are now able to make your own videogame! Try to add more elements to it to customize it to your own verison!



Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to control player movement in Scratch
  • Learn how to respond to sprites interacting with each other
  • Be comfortable experimenting with different backgrounds, sprites and sound effects
  • Learn about pros and cons of videogames


Click each section below to see all resources available.